Kevin Grundy – About

My interest in natural health began some years ago, when some friends of mine, who were each suffering from serious individual health issues, had miraculous results using natural medicine. They had previously been unable to find successful solutions through the allopathic system and I had desperately wanted to know why -what was it that made them better.

Through my family, I had already been introduced to Dr Joel Wallach who had a different approach to natural health and so after I saw what had happened to my friends, I decided to go back to school and train as a Medical Herbalist.

It was during one of my lectures that I had an epiphany and I found myself leaping out of my seat yelling “that’s it! That’s why I am here!!” we were discussing specific nutrition (vitamins and minerals) that help the body heal itself. These were the answers that I had been looking for!

Since then I have graduated and run my own successful clinic here in Hamilton. I incorporate Dr Wallach’s solutions in my practice and have effectively become part of Dr Wallach’s crusade, working with a group of like-minded people, to educate others about the real cause of chronic ill health in the world today.

If you are struggling with your own health challenges, we feel we can provide simple health solutions which may well give you unbelievable results, which most believe impossible.

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